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Show Quality Black & White ESH Kitten

About Exotic Shorthairs

About Exotic Shorthairs : FAQ

What is the personality of Exotic Shorthairs?

Cuddly!! We have been cat lovers all our lives but once we owned our first exotic we knew they were special. With their sweet expression and loving disposition it’s hard not to fall in love. They always look as though they are smiling and no matter how hard of a day they can always make everything seem better. We truly believe God gave us animals for therapy and companionship. Our exotics have truly brought so much happiness and sunshine into our lives!  

Are Exotic Shorthairs good with children?

Yes! We have a family that consists of children from teenage to infants. They visit us frequently and we always let them see our kittens. All of our kittens are raised around children and they make wonderful family pets. 

Are males or females more friendly? 

It really depends on each kitten’s individual personality. The general temperament of the exotic breed is sweet and cuddly. In our experience we did not notice any differences. We have males and females that love to sit with us and will follow us around the house. We especially breed for the best personalities, if the parents are cuddly and sweet then your kittens will be the same. 

Are Exotics Playful?

Yes! They are the perfect combination of playful and cuddly. They are so much fun to watch as they are little comedians, their little cobby bodies look adorable as they chase and jump along with their toys. They are also always up for cuddle time in your lap and make great t.v. buddies.

Will my Exotic be alright alone while I work? Do they need the company of other cats?

We have our kittens living various lifestyles with their wonderful forever families. Some are single pets and some have a variety of pet companions, they seem to do well either way as long as they get a good amount of love when you are home. As soon as they see you they get so excited and will want your affection. We call them people kitties because they thrive on human atttention!

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