Dilute Calico ESH with Blue Tabby Exotic Shorthair Kitten




Pebbles Little Blue Tabby Boy

We are SUPER excited to announce our beautiful little Pebbles gave birth to her very first kitten, a blue tabby exotic shorthair little boy! This has to be our favorite boy yet. He is so perfect and looks so much like his father Prince Francois! So proud of our beautiful Pebbles!!

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Blue Tabby Show Quality Exotic Shorthair Kitten

Coconut & Francois' Little Girl!

We are so in love with our little brown patched tabby & white little girl! She has the cutest cobble body and is looking so beautiful! She's a keeper for sure!


Dottie's Teddy Bears!

We Have Teddy Bears!!! They are always a favorite of everyone and they really are just like cuddly little bears, round little bodies and full of sweetness! We have some of these cuties still available, check out our Available Kittens page!