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Our Handsome Sires!

Blue Point Exotic Shorthair

Prince Philippe of 3Hearts

Our handsome Prince!! He was our first sire for our cattery and is still making such cuties for us! He and his kittens have made us and so many families happy!!

Seal Lynx Point Exotic Shorthair Show Quality Lines

Mipaws Prince Francois of 3Hearts

Love this boy! Francois is a Seal Lynx Point Exotic Shorthair from Regional Winning Grand Champion lines!! We are so proud to have him in our cattery & are so grateful to Kathy for sharing her wonderful bloodlines with us!!



Our pure persian handsome boy!! He comes from a regional winning/grand champion mother and carries the chocolate gene, what more could we ask for! He gives constant hugs to us as if he was human, he's so sweet and makes amazing babies. Some of our girls are hz for shorthair which means even paired with Lucky they still have shorthair babies! 

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