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I have purchased kittens two different times from 3Hearts , about 10 months a part. Both times the experience was Very easy . I was even sent photos up until the time of pick up. 3 Hearts is very pleasant to work with . 

The kittens  came to me with all paperwork in order. They are so sweet . The most adorable , healthy, loving well socialized babies who have adjusted so well in their new environment.  I definitely recommend! ~ Thanks  so much 3Hearts! ❤️❤️❤️


I LOVE my sweet beautiful girl I got from 3hearts kitten. She was well cared for and loved on before she came to us. Becky is a wonderful breeder who loves and cares for all her cats.


3 Hearts was a great experience. We were sent updates with pictures and the day he had his first shots we received a message and a follow up that he was fine. That's really awesome. When we went to pick him up, it was an overnight trip. They were prompt and very professional. I have been put on a 1 cat limit. But if I could, I'd defiantly get another of theirs.


Absolutely amazing experience with 3 Hearts. Becky is an amazing breeder and I got the companion of my dreams! I could tell he was very loved on and well taken care of before I got him. My boy is happy, healthy, and not to mention so handsome. :)


I am very happy with the kitten i got from 3hearts. Becky is an exceptional breeder and was very helpful with any questions that i had. My 4 year old daughter loves her kitten.  I will very much so recomend 3hearts to anyone for there professional commitment and expertise in what they do. Thanks 😁👌


I absolutely love my flame point that I got from 3Hearts Kittens. He is the sweetest kitty ever. Very professional and takes great care of the kittens. I would definitely recommend them to anyone who wants a loving kitten. Very knowledgable about these type of cats. Thank you 3Heartskittens!


* These cuties have their own Instagram page @beingbeesly *I have been in contact with Becky, the owner of the cattery, for several years. I got my first kitten, Beesly, nearly two years ago, and a year later I got my second kitten, Poppy. Becky was so kind, friendly, and informative of the process; which was actually super simple. I put a deposit down to hold my kitten, and that deposit later went on to be added to the full amount when I picked up my kitten. I trust and do still trust this business. I drove nearly 6 hours, both times I got a kitten, in one day, and I only did this and paid a deposit to someone so far away because I absolutely stand by this business and the owners. My cats have been the perfect additions to my life and family. They always get compliments on how sociable and friendly they are, and to date have been are healthy and happy. I think a huge reason they're so friendly has to do with the breeding line and also how incredibly hands-on Becky is with each and every single one of her kittens before she sends them to their forever homes. She truly does care, and will check up on you and the kitten for however long you allow her to, and like I said - I've been in contact with her for two years. If you are looking for an exotic shorthair but aren't sure where to find a reputable breeder, 3HeartsKittens is the place to look. The send videos, pictures, and written updates on your kitten if not weekly, several times per week until they are home with you. They're truely a hidden gem! 


3hearts kitten’s is the absolute best!! She is great to do business with. She updates you on your kitten’s progress and growth. She is honest and very reliable. I have gotten 2 kitten’s from her and they both are striving and just as awesome as I had imagined!! Wouldn’t go anywhere else for my exotic breed needs but to 3hearts kitten’s!! She is the best of the best!! We still keep in contact to share our kitten/cat experience’s!! She is a great help. 


I love my babies Milo and Miso!!! Thank you so much for the truly amazing gift you have given me. I have never had such well behaved and good looking fur babies. You have made me a Meowmie/crazy cat lady but I love it! Thanks again 😻


3 Hearts Kittens is the BEST! She spent a lot of time with us teaching us about the breed and helping us to find the perfect male.  We LOVE our kitten we purchased from her and that she makes herself available for questions readily.  She is very knowledgeable and always so enthused to share her knowledge. We look forward to purchasing another kitten soon!


 bestI adore my little Wesley! He is the sweetest and most outgoing little ball of love!I loved all the pictures, all the personal interaction, and help with all my questions. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND A KITTEN FORM HERE!!!!!I  could not be more pleased or happier with my Wesley!!!!Would recommendYes


Hi Becky- this is Lisa and we recently bought the little tuxedo girl from you - she is doing so great - her name is Buttons and she has gained about a pound - thought you’d like some pics 


 The first morning after getting my little SusieQ, she came up to me in bed and starting rubbing my nose.  I knew I had found a sweetheart of a kitten!   She is now starting her second year with me, and I couldn't be in love with her more.  She is a very healthy, feisty cat!  Loves to play with her sister doggie, Gabby Sue.  They romp and roll until they are tired and just want in my lap or their beds!  My sister wants one still, just trying to make up her mind about color and sex.  I do intend on getting another one from you.  Let me know when you might have a calico.  I would love that!Would recommend Yes  She is very pretty!

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