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Sweet Exotics and Persians

Our mission is to share the breed! After owning our first exotic a blue point male in 2012 we fell in love with the breed and decided the world needs more of them. So we purchased a female and started our dream. We call them our “Adam and Eve” of our Cattery. We strive to produce healthy sweet babies that will become wonderful family pets. Exotics have such sweet personalities they love everyone and they always look as though they are smiling💗. We produce beautiful calicos, bicolors, reds, solids, and rare colors such as seal point, blue point, tortie point, flame point, seal point bicolors, and van bicolor kittens. Our kittens are known for their teddy bear faces and cobble bodies. We have added some beautiful Exotics to our program and are so excited to see what the future will bring! Contact us for your next fur baby! Since we receive so many sales calls we don’t always answer numbers we don’t recognize so text is preferred for the first initial contact. Call/Text 817-366-3260

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